Pro Cases & Organizers: Cult Picks

If you, like me, have a thing for buying makeup every chance you get (and trying every new product – like Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes High Precision Panoramic Mascara, longest name yet!), then you must be forever looking for that perfect organizer to keep things clean and classy.

That’s what I did this afternoon, so here are my top 3 (in no particular order). I looked for durability, good design and storage space, mirror optional.

caboodles-rock-star-pro-caseCaboodles Rock Star Pro Case – basic black jacquard, life saver on business trips

caboodles-crave-ultimate-organizerCaboodles Crave Ultimate Organizer – all the Ultimate Organizers from Caboodles have a mirror and enough space to bring along one nail polish shade for each outfit, as well as all the basics you can think of.

caboodles-stylist-ultimate-organizerCaboodles Stylist Ultimate Organizer – a great variation of the Crave, it has a tattoo-meets-lace pattern that means you can confidently leave it in the bathroom when you have guests. Or even in the living room, it’s certainly decorative enough!

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4 responses to “Pro Cases & Organizers: Cult Picks

  1. monoP

    are there any pictures of them open? I’ve been looking for something with six trays (three on each side) and a mirror that just pops out when you open it.

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