FW09 Collection at YOOX – Sweater Selection

It’s 40 degrees in the shade where I live, so what could be better than a little online shopping to cool the brain? I went to YOOX to check out the new AW collection – won’t bore you with the details, I gave up browsing at page 185. Before I leave you to my cashmere fetishist picks, I have to point out that Yoox chose some FUGLY stuff this season. Some of which not even my sartorially challenged 60 year old relatives would wear. Here’s the good (the bad is for another post):

ysl sweaterYves Saint Laurent

maison martin margiela sweaterMaison Martin Margiela

hache sweaterHache

comme des garcons sweaterComme des Garcons – as soon as I saw this one, I fell in love with CdG all over again!



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2 responses to “FW09 Collection at YOOX – Sweater Selection

  1. Chris

    You’re not kidding. I just finished going through the men’s sweaters. They’ve got about 50 designers all channeling the fugliest parts of the 1980s.

  2. Authentic words, some unadulterated words dude. Made my day.

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