Anti-shoulderpads: An Unpopular Opinion

Balmain everywhere. Not a bad thing in itself, considering the gorgeous fabrics, but I can’t say I got into the shoulderpad revival. For some reason, I don’t get it: what’s wrong with puffed-up sleeves? Are they no longer adequate to make waists look smaller? Do women really need to look like caricatures?
1980s shoulderpads

Consider the fugliness above. The elements sound slightly familiar, don’t they? Flowy, flowery dress; cinched waist; shoulder-padded jacket. It’s very “now” on paper. And if you shivered a bit at the photo, it’s because that’s the interpretation that will reach a large portion of the public from the Balmain look. Short hair? Check – see Agyness Deyn. Cue remarkably bad copycat styles. It’s unavoidable.
There’s a reason this trend died out and methinks it should’ve stayed dead. I have nothing against the slim catwalk versions with their noughties edge, but that’s not what I’ve been seeing on the street lately.

Truth is, unless you’re 6 ft tall and weigh 110 lbs or less, it’s either a personal shopper, a stylist or disaster this season to be on trend. And how many 6 ft tall, 100 lbs women have the flair to carry it ?…


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