Rozalb de Mura (

“Rahova-Uranus is considered as one of the most eclectic areas in Bucharest, still bearing the scars of a tormented history. Behind the immense shadow of the Palace of Parliament, also known as People’s Palace, there are the derelict remains of former prosperous neighbourhoods erased to make space for the construction of Nicolae Ceauşescu’s infamous dream. Beautiful houses and a local beer factory have now turned into rundown buildings, while the area also boasts the biggest flower market in the city and ARK, a recently renovated 19th century industrial building hosting offices, concerts and events.

It was here that Community Art Centre laBOMBA invited art and fashion collective Rozalb de Mura to organise a project focused on urban situations of social confrontation, exploring the life of the Gypsy community living in this neighbourhood. The event featured electro-jazz band Biluna jamming with the children from Rahova-Uranus and a fashion show with 12 looks made by Rozalb de Mura using discarded clothes provided by the community members during a one-week residency in the area. The looks showcased were testament to the cultural clash and collaboration between the conceptual world of Rozalb de Mura and the work of the most active women in the community and also tackled issues of beauty, femininity and identity. As the fashion show turned into a party with a soundtrack courtesy of DJ Cristina, the Gypsy community, people from the flower market, hipsters, musicians and local kids, celebrated late into the night in the name of equality, inclusion and integration.”

As a fan of Rozalb de Mura and a Bucharest rezident, I was very excited to hear about this. Friends tell me it was a great event – wish I was there!

As for the future…

Rozalb de Mura: We have a few projects lined up: there’s a research residency at IASPIS in Stockholm with Swedish artist Lisa Torell, a performance at Pianissimo Gallery in Milan at the invitation of artist Ioana Nemes, and a recent commission to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of curator Alina Serban’s Centre for Visual Introspection Gallery in Bucharest.


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