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Nicholas Kirkwood SS10

You know how they say that shoes make an outfit – they’re right. Beautiful textures and counter-intuitive shapes make Kirkwood‘s SS10 collection a treat for you and your wardrobe.


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Lara Bohinc (can do no wrong)

You would say: It is horrible to be so happy

Sprawled in a bed all marzipan all Hong Kong

Zealous in the opposite of Zen containment.

See, I long for everything even when you tell me

Every thing dies. Every thing is. And you young lady

Need to learn how to sit still and just be.

No way mister. I will be sticky and wet.

I will touch every precious object –

Leave sweet fingerprints of purpose in well lit places.

(“Lust Against Detachment”, Frankie Drayus)


Wear Lara Bohinc design with a glass of champagne.

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Full Tilt Guitar Cuff Bracelet

full tilt guitar cuff bracelet

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Recycled Rice Bag Sandal by Seychelles


Because eveyone else wears the same black sandals, and the “austere gladiator” look is not my idea of a good time. If only they had a thinner sole…

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Owlita (Feather Earrings)

I always say that common sense is for common people, and Owlita cater to my innermost accessory fantasies. Some girls love fur (eco or otherwise), I prefer feathers anytime, anywhere. My latest wishlist faves:


They’re each less than 100 $ – you can write it off as an investment. They work with anything and they make everything look better, how fabulous is that?

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Peacock Plumage



Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you should wear drab garb. (Click on the pictures to purchase.)

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Leviticus Jewelry: Statement Necklaces





Click on the images to go to the shop. The last necklace I posted is something I envision over a turtleneck sweater, with boots that match the colour of the bead.

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