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Kenzo Menswear AW10-11

(text and photo from AnOther Mag)

Antonio Marras: For this collection I wanted to create a mix between the French look of Monsieur Hulot, a character created and played by filmmaker Jaques Tati, and the British film Quadrophenia.
Monsieur Hulot has such a unique body language and silhouette, wearing his raincoat over his slightly too short trousers, with his hat, pipe and umbrella. It’s his unconscious anarchy that fascinates me; his eccentricity; his joy and his freedom, which makes him whistle in the street. The proportions in the collection were exaggerated to accentuate the playful nature of his way of dressing: large, short trousers that show off marching socks, with slightly too tight jackets and short-sleeved shirts which reveal printed gloves. It was my way of twisting the codes of elegance.
Style is also about attitude and Quadrophenia inspired the dark side of the collection, giving it a more aggressive look. It added a rebel touch to a classical wardrobe.

I find the entire collection very inspiring, both in tailoring and texture-wise. Monsieur Hulot is iconic, which is liberating when styling with him in mind. And style I did:


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