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Rozalb de Mura (DazedDigital.com)

“Rahova-Uranus is considered as one of the most eclectic areas in Bucharest, still bearing the scars of a tormented history. Behind the immense shadow of the Palace of Parliament, also known as People’s Palace, there are the derelict remains of former prosperous neighbourhoods erased to make space for the construction of Nicolae Ceauşescu’s infamous dream. Beautiful houses and a local beer factory have now turned into rundown buildings, while the area also boasts the biggest flower market in the city and ARK, a recently renovated 19th century industrial building hosting offices, concerts and events.

It was here that Community Art Centre laBOMBA invited art and fashion collective Rozalb de Mura to organise a project focused on urban situations of social confrontation, exploring the life of the Gypsy community living in this neighbourhood. The event featured electro-jazz band Biluna jamming with the children from Rahova-Uranus and a fashion show with 12 looks made by Rozalb de Mura using discarded clothes provided by the community members during a one-week residency in the area. The looks showcased were testament to the cultural clash and collaboration between the conceptual world of Rozalb de Mura and the work of the most active women in the community and also tackled issues of beauty, femininity and identity. As the fashion show turned into a party with a soundtrack courtesy of DJ Cristina, the Gypsy community, people from the flower market, hipsters, musicians and local kids, celebrated late into the night in the name of equality, inclusion and integration.”

As a fan of Rozalb de Mura and a Bucharest rezident, I was very excited to hear about this. Friends tell me it was a great event – wish I was there!

As for the future…

Rozalb de Mura: We have a few projects lined up: there’s a research residency at IASPIS in Stockholm with Swedish artist Lisa Torell, a performance at Pianissimo Gallery in Milan at the invitation of artist Ioana Nemes, and a recent commission to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of curator Alina Serban’s Centre for Visual Introspection Gallery in Bucharest.


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Rozalb de Mura Interview (Elle Romania)

Olah Gyarfas, the designer from Romanian label Rozalb de Mura, is in my opinion the most cutting-edge designer in his country. I’ve been to the shop ever since it opened, and it’s an entirely different world than anything else in Bucharest; it’s dramatic, it changes moods with the collections, and unlike most shops here, it’s anything but impersonal.

I had the pleasure of reading an interview of his in the february issue of Romanian Elle, which I translate in its entirety. It was taken by Despina Badescu and the copyright belongs, obviously, to the publication.

ELLE: If you had the power to create a brand-new animal that would inhabit the Earth from now on, what would it look like?

Olah Gyarfas: It would be an animal no larger than five centimetres, blue-grey, very fluffy, it would squeak peculiarly, smell of lime, breed like plants and be called Kimci.

ELLE: What’s the best smell in the world?

O.G.: Undoubtedly, the smell of earth after the rain.

ELLE: What’s your favourite letter? And which number do you like most?

O.G.: I like the way “ty” sounds in Hungarian. As for numbers, eight looks the most balanced. Look: 8.

ELLE: What would you do if tomorrow we were all forced to wear identical black overalls and you were forbidden from creating clothes?

O.G.: I’d take up gardening and take care of the rocks, moss, plants and birds around me.

ELLE: What’s more likely to exist: angels or devils?

O.G.: Oh, I don’t know, I’m afraid they’re in equal numbers. I’d like it if there were more angels, of course.

ELLE: If you were a musician, what instrument would you like to play?

O.G.: Piano, for the way you must carry yourself while playing.

ELLE: What’s your favourite means of transportation? Hot air balloons, perhaps?

O.G.: No, no. Trains. I take the train to Miercurea Ciuc (translator’s note: that’s where the label’s factory is located) every morning and it makes me happy.

ELLE: How will you spend your retirement?

O.G.: Working in my garden, bathing in the sea when it’s sunny, sauna and snow baths in winter. Embraced by wild nature, going back from whence I came.

ELLE: Is there a thing that has a perfect shape?

O.G.: Yes, a rock washed by a river or the sea.

ELLE: What do you think you were in other lived?

O.G.: The stone, polished to perfection by the surf.

ELLE: In what building would you like to live?

O.G.: In the house made of stone and only stone by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, in Porto Petro Mallorca.

ELLE: At what times do you feel that life has a meaning?

O.G.: When I’m chopping wood or building a fence.

ELLE: If you had to save a single object from your house, what would it be?

O.G.: I would save nothing. My life doesn’t depend on any object. I’m not obsessed with totems, even though I collect them from all the places I go to.

ELLE: In which war would you like to have fought?

O.G.: I hate war, but if I was forced to choose, I’d fight with the crusaders. The passion with which Christians threw themselves into the distant unknown fascinates me.

ELLE: What are the best clothes to sleep in?

O.G.: Sleeping doesn’t require clothing, only fresh white linen sheets.

I always prefer this sort of designer interview because while I can see the clothes and fabrics myself and guess at their meaning, the designer as a character remains a mystery. This article in particular struck a chord – the man’s work is such a direct connection to his personality that it suddenly makes sense to wear war-inspired garb in all-natural fabrics this summer, like his S/S 09 collection suggested. And let me tell you… those clothes are delicios. Photographic proof will follow.

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