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Tees to Covet

I realised, belatedly, that I’m going to move to a country where layering is more or less a matter of survival. Naturally, being an industrious online shopper with an eye for things I can tuck into my tailored skirts (without looking like a secretary), I began to search for T-shirts that I 1) don’t buy from Am Apparel and 2) don’t mind showing under my jacket at school/in a cafe/while jogging. Without further ado…


(by Tiffany Malakooti; find it online at Blood Is The New Black)


(from the Obesity and Speed S/S 09 collection)

I see a lot of potential in these two. I will, of course, keep searching… and keep posting my finds, in the hope that my poor writer status will spur someone into buying them for me. One can always cling on to hope in the face of glaring improbability. I’d say my chances right now are 1/20.


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